Friday, August 6, 2010

White Rock Sea Festival

It was my first time setting up and selling art! The weekend was very successful for the whole family. Matt was the MC on the main stage and did a wonderful job, defiantly in his element. Kaya Moon (8yrs) sold her first painting, which is amazing we're so proud of her!
There was a good turn out for the event, I met many people and had lots of positive feedback. My Mini Moo cards were a hit ( they were so adorable) I had 100 and they were almost all gone on the first day.
I ended up selling six pieces which I think is amazing considering people usually lookers not buyers at a festival. One couple bought my Hummingbird Haven painting, it was there anniversary so I was honored to be part of that. I met a wonderful artist, Erika, to see her amazing creations go to:
I had an inquiry about doing children's CD covers/books, that was interesting we'll see how that goes.
All in all it was a very fruitful weekend. I even had three of my favorite girls sleepover, two were on their way and coming back from Las Vegas. Juicy... juicy Vegas time!!!!

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  1. Congratulations on your success at the Sea Festival.
    I wasn't able to get to it this year because of being at Morgan Crossing for the month. Double kudos for winning the Peoples Choice at the Spring Flower exhibit. I look forward to meeting you at the September meeting.